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NEDA Buddy?

NEDA Buddies connect conference attendees prior to arrival to facilitate networking and support. Request a NEDA Buddy and enhance your NEDA Conference experience!

We know that many individuals, family members, and new professionals attending the NEDA Conference may not know their fellow attendees, and it can be overwhelming, especially for new-comers. To make sure you feel connected through the duration of the NEDA Conference, we offer a program for attendees to be placed with a few designated “buddies” so that you can exchange emails and make new friends prior to ever arriving!  

When you register to attend, you will be asked if you would like to opt-in to the program, and if you choose to do so, you will be matched with other attendees based on your selection under “primary reason for attending.” For example, if you state that your primary reason for attending is because you are a professional, we’ll match you up with other professionals. If you specify you are attending because you have a friend or relative affected by an eating disorder, we will be sure to connect you with other friends/relatives.

All attendees who opt into the NEDA Buddies program will be sent an email of introduction for their group by Friday, October 3rd. You’ll be given a NEDA Buddy pin to help you find your group members and other program participants throughout the weekend. When you arrive, you’ll get the chance to meet your “NEDA Buddies” and many other attendees at the Conference Orientation and NEDA Buddy Meeting on Thursday evening, prior to the Welcome Social, Family & Friends Kick-Off Dinner, and all other conference events. There will also be NEDA Buddy meetings each morning during the breakfast hour. As you continue through the many conference sessions, you will be able to connect with your buddies during breaks to discuss what you are learning and spend time socializing at the evening events.

Need more information about the NEDA Buddies program? Email Diana Kalogridis, Program Manager at .

“I was amazed at how approachable people were. Mealtime conversations just got better and better. The NEDA Buddy program was brilliant - helped break the ice for us newbies.”

“It was fabulous how time and consideration was put into pairing buddies that had a common association to the eating disorder!”

“Knowing that the Buddy Program was there and available was a huge advantage.”

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