2016 NEDA Conference

Share. Learn. Belong.

September 29 - October 1, 2016 | Chicago, IL


“The most valuable aspect to me was being able to make connections with so many people who were there for so many different reasons. This was my first conference, and I was blown away by the sense of acceptance, inclusivity, and support. There was such a "spirit" that encompassed the entire conference, and it brought me so much hope and encouragement.”

A Parent

“The up-to-date information about eating disorders and treatments were great. As a solidly recovered individual and advocate, I gained a lot of knowledge I did not have prior to the conference.”

ED Advocate

"It was a fantastic opportunity for me. Being in recovery for only 1 year, it gave me the strength and motivation and determination to conquer this battle and to help others do the same. It was absolutely fantastic!!"

Personally Affected

“Listening to high quality presentations by leading researchers was very informative. The testimonies by the individuals on Saturday [Family Panel] were moving and inspiring.”

Medical Professional

“Not only has NEDA helped me fulfill my personal recovery goal of giving back to those suffering, but the association has granted me the opportunity to make a difference in ED awareness and prevention. As I complete my doctorate, I have countless goals, but attending the annual NEDA conference will consistently remain on my agenda.”

Personally affected and professional

“I LOVED the general sessions. They were interesting, informative, relavent and challenging. They were very well done overall. - I found a new level of confidence, understanding and motivation in my recovery, advocacy and life in general!”

Personally Affected

“This Conference provided an opportunity for me as a professional to hear the stories of clients and their families first hand. Helped to underscore the importance of this work and the resilience of those working on their ED recovery.”

Healthcare Professional

“It was also so valuable to me to meet others who are passionate in this area. I enjoyed the speakers and really enjoyed the panel. Those are always my favorite; to hear hope, wisdom, and recovery.”

Scholarship Recipient

“Eating disorders are very isolating, so I really appreciated getting to know new people through the buddy program. I LOVED the buddy program!”

Buddy Program Participant

“Attending the NEDA conference was both intense and uplifting for me. I knew our family was not alone in our struggle, but I never realized how many other families there are with young children suffering from an ED. From top to bottom, every person at the conference was approachable, encouraging and willing to share insights.”

A Parent