Transcending Behavior

Transcending Behavior delves participants into the lives of eating disordered clients who oftentimes feel on the fringe of acceptance, both within healthcare and society. This presentation will explore eating disorders and recovery in people of diverse sexual and gender identities, with a special focus on transgender, gay and lesbian and bisexual (TGLB) identities. Current research will be presented and participants will learn about the intersections of sexuality, gender identity, and eating disorders, as well as how societal stigma and discrimination contribute to eating disorder behaviors among sexual and gender minorities. Participants will explore barriers created for these patients within treatment facilities, and ways of creating culturally competent and affirming treatment environments and methods through adjusting language, physical environment, infrastructure, and content of treatment. A special emphasis will be placed on understanding how to improve care for transgender patients, as recent research indicates a need for better eating disorder services in this population.