Self-Care for Supporters: DBT Isn't Just for Patients

This presentation will introduce the concepts of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to loved ones and supporters. Not only will family members learn more about this popular evidence based treatment for eating disorders, they will be encouraged to utilize DBT skills for their own self-care.  The stress of caring for a loved one battling an eating disorder can take a toll on family members. Dick Kuegemen learned this first hand during his daughter's battle with Anorexia. Dick will share the importance of self-care from his perspective and Amy Hammett, LPC will lead participants in exercises to increase their self-care skills. DBT skills help family members learn to be mindful of the stress they are under, tolerate waves of emotion, and increase their effectiveness in managing emotions and communication. An overview of the concepts and skills of DBT will be presented. Participants will be led through exercise and hands-on activities to demonstrate each skill.