Finding Support Through the Struggles: Getting Past Roadblocks, Locating Resources, and Finding Connection Through the NEDA Navigator Program

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, this session will provide information on how to find resources and access peer-support through the utilization of the NEDA Navigator Program. Learn how to address common issues such as, "I don't have any friends who know someone with an eating disorder and feel alone," “I don't know how I can help my loved one recover if they are unwilling to seek help,” and, “I am not ready to talk to my family about this but I think I may have a problem.” With the insight of clinical advisors and current NEDA Navigators, this session will review ways in which Navigators offer support to those struggling (personally or a love one), help identify local and online/print resources, and provide perspective, encouragement and guidance through you or your loved one's journey to recovery.