Protect Yourself: Minimizing Liability for Providers and Advocacy for Consumers

This multifaceted presentation will be of great benefit to providers and consumers alike. For the provider, ethical and legal questions abound in today's healthcare landscape. Dr. Dolores will discuss common missteps and provide sound strategies as to how to avoid these problems. From confidentiality, advertising in the internet age, and boundary violations, Dr. Dolores will review the relevant law and ethical guidelines as well as display easy to implement solutions to frequent issues. For the consumer, Dr. Dolores will discuss advocacy and how consumers can appropriately and cogently stand up for their needs. By detailing the types of questions you should ask your insurance company to the ways you should approach your legislators, Dr. Dolores will provide solid direction to consumers faced with the prospect of dealing with an overwhelming system. Ultimately, Dr. Dolores' presentation seeks to create unity among providers and consumers by proposing a suggested direction for our policy efforts. Dr. Dolores firmly believes that to get the policy change that we want and need, we must work together and have an aligned focus. This presentation is designed to spur thought-provoking conversation among consumers and providers as we advance our efforts together.