The Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs of Social Media in Clinical Practice and Recovery

What should you do if a client tries to “friend” you on Facebook or “follow” you on Twitter? What pops up if a client “Googles” you? The advent of Web 2.0 has brought a dizzying array of opportunities to post user-generated content through social media sites. All too often, our younger and tech-savvier clients know a lot more than we do about these sites’ capabilities. Through a combination of short didactic presentations and interactive case studies, we will guide you through the jungle of social media platforms, with an emphasis on safe and ethical use for mental health professionals in the eating disorder field. Specific topics will include the possibilities and pitfalls of creating an online presence for your practice; responding to unanticipated patient contact; promoting your research findings or book; and connecting with existing social media networks.