An Intensive, Multi-Family Treatment Program for Adolescents with Eating Disorders 

The Intensive Family Treatment program (IFT) is a short-term, time-limited program designed to train families to manage recovery in the home. Principles of family-based treatment (FBT) and multi-family therapy (MFT) for eating disorders are used alongside novel treatment strategies developed and tested in our clinic and laboratory to teach family members and patients effective skills for reducing and managing eating disorder symptoms. The intensive format allows for in-vivo, therapist-assisted practice during meals and other relevant scenarios, which crystallizes family learning and builds self-efficacy. Data collected from past participants suggest that these unique features contribute to durable progress and sustained recovery. This presentation will provide an overview of our treatment program and its various components and summarize outcome data collected from program graduates over the course of the past five years. Finally, accounts of program experiences will be shared from the perspective of participating families.